Steps icons and "next phase" button between battlefields
Click "next phase" button Default action for current step (untap, triggers upkeep, draw, declare attackers, damages), then enter next step
Click a step icon Enter that step
Double click a step icon Default action for that step, then enter next step
Right click button on steps' right Enter previous step
Ctrl + click button on steps' right Enter last step
Ctrl + right click button on steps' right Enter first step
Game keyboard shortcuts
Any printable character Focus to chatbox, then print the character
Up/down Navigate in last sent messages (to easily recall one)
Ctrl+Enter Next turn
Ctrl+Space Next step
Ctrl+Shift+Space Current step's default action, then next step
Ctrl+i Roll a dice
F3 Watch library
F9 Opponent loses 1 life
F10 Opponent gains 1 life
Ctrl+d Draw
Ctrl+m Shuffle, then first draw / mulligan
Ctrl+u Untap all my permanents
Ctrl+s Shuffle library
Ctrl+z Undo my last draw
Selection keyboard shortcuts - affects each selected card
Ctrl+Suppr Send selected cards to graveyard
Ctrl+p Set power / thoughness for selected cards
Ctrl+o Set counters for selected cards
Ctrl+n Set a note for selected cards
Alt+d Duplicate selected cards/tokens
Alt+PgUp Add a counter on selected cards
Alt+PgDn Remove a counter from selected cards
Ctrl+Alt+PgUp Add a counter and +1/+1 on selected cards
Ctrl+Alt+PgDn Remove a counter and -1/-1 from selected cards (like removing a +1/+1 counter, not like adding a -1/-1 counter)
Ctrl+up/down/left/right Move card on battlefield
Creature boost - replace + by * or - by / to limit effect to current turn
Ctrl++ Selected cards gets +1/+0
Ctrl+- Selected cards gets -1/-0
Alt++ Selected cards gets +0/+1
Alt+- Selected cards gets -0/-1
Ctrl+Alt++ Selected cards gets +1/+1
Ctrl+Alt+- Selected cards gets -1/-1
Mouse actions - Left button
Click a card on battlefield / hand Select only that card
Shift+click a card on battlefield / hand Toggle that card's selection status
Click on battlefield / hand's background Unselect all cards in zone
Double click on battlefield / hand's background Select every card on double clicked line
Double click library Action chosen in options (defaults to "look top N cards of library")
Double click exile or graveyard Open card list for that zone
Double click a card on BF Taps selected cards
Ctrl+Double click a card on BF Declare selected as attacker without tapping
Double click a card in hand Plays selected cards
Ctrl+Double click a card in hand Plays selected cards face down
Double click a card in a list Move card to battlefield (or graveyard for battlefield list)
Mouse actions - Right button
Right click a card, zone, step, zoom, messages, phase name (for main menu) Contextual menu
Right drag'n'drop from a card to a card or avatar, exile, graveyard or library Target - Create an arrow from selected cards to droped element
  • Default arrow is yellow and going away on next phase
  • Shift while draging makes the arrow red and going away on next step
  • Ctrl while draging makes the arrow green and going away on next turn
  • Alt while draging makes the arrow blue and never going away

Creating an arrow deletes previous arrows between the same elements

A reminder box is displayed by default for keyboard modifiers. You can disable/enable it in options

Mouse actions - Drag'n'drop
Ctrl+Drag'n'drop cards to library, graveyard or exile Move selected card to bottom of that zone
Ctrl+Drag'n'drop cards to a battlefield Plays selected cards face down
Drag'n'drop cards to a card on battlefield Attach selected cards to that one
Drag'n'drop cards from hand to manapool

Check if cards are playable with current mana in pool

Playability is indicated by mouse cursor when draging over mana pool

If playable, droping cards play them, removing used mana from pool